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About Us


Appraisals for Insurance, Estate and Probate, Loan Value, Equitable Distribution and for Charitable Donations.

Personal Property Appraisals based on Market Approach, Cost Approach and Income Approach.

Graduate Personal Property Appraiser, USPAP Certified




Appraisals, Business Closings, Mergers, Acquisitions, Charity & Benefit, Surplus Equipment and Estate Auctions

For more information, contact Stephanie Green:

469-853-0674 or 972-480-9500

Contact by email

Personal & Flexible

Personal and Flexible.  We are flexible to fit your timeline needs. We have conducted auctions within 4 days of contract signing and have also taken more than 4 months with a series of auctions for a structured plant closing. We are flexible with the size of our footprint on your site.  We can have a small presence to fit your daily routine or bring in extra contractors to finish quickly. 

Auction Tips for Bidders

Set a price you are willing to pay and stick with it. Don't forget to take into account the Buyer's Premium and Tax.

Auction Pickup Hours and Location: Make sure you can pickup within the time allotted before registering and calculate the distance to drive or check to see if shipping is offered.

Payment Options: Make sure the form of payment you woudl like to use is offered. Sometimes there are discounts for paying with cash. 

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